The Deep House EDM Genre

Many people talk and write about deep house music, but they don’t always communicate about the same thing. A reason for such miscommunication is that some have misunderstandings about the deep house genre. This post gives an overview of the deep house genre, by which hopefully people can understand the genre better.

The First Trance Music Song Ever

Every electronic dance music (EDM) genre started once with the first track (song) in that genre and is also the case for the Trance music genre. We can learn more about the Trance genre by knowing about this genre’s first song.

Music Note Rhythm Tutorial

Many elements of a song consist of music notes played by an instrument in a certain rhythm. Therefore, it can be useful to know how we can make such a rhythm.

What Is Club Dance Music?

Some people use the term “club dance music,” but those people don’t always communicate about the same thing. When people use this term, I sometimes get the impression that they mean something like a music genre.

The Bare Basics of Electronic Dance Music Production

If you want to learn about making electronic dance music, then you have to start somewhere. Some people like to start making music with some experimentation, and others buy something like a course or a book and start from here. What probably helps always in a way, is some information about the bare basics.