What Is a VJ (Visual Jockey or Video Jockey)?

Many people talk/write about VJs, which can be in combination with electronic dance music (EDM). The abbreviation VJ stands for visual jockey and video jockey, and both terms can mean two different things. Moreover, an EDM VJ might do other things than a not EDM VJ.

Why Use Multiple Synthesizers for Sound Design?

There are many powerful and good sounding synthesizers available that are capable of creating a full sound for a song element by itself. Yet, many people can still choose to use multiple synthesizers for the sound design of a single song element, such as a melody or a bassline.

Top 3 DJ Headphones of 2020

This post is about the top three DJ headphones for DJing, which can help people with choosing headphones to buy. These DJ headphones are for DJing, and therefore it doesn’t mean that these headphones are also the top for other uses, such as producing (making) music.

The Importance of Lyrics in EDM Songs

When we listen to EDM songs, we might hear some lyrics, and they can play a huge role in these songs, but not always. Also, not all of those songs have lyrics. This post gives information about the importance of lyrics in EDM songs.

Why Do DJs Use Headphones?

Many DJs wear headphones while DJing. Headphones have a few purposes for DJs, which this post will explain. Also, this post explains that headphones are not always necessary for DJs.

Use (Mix) a Distortion Effect on a Hi-hat (Open and Closed)

We can use distortion effects on our hi-hats to make them more personal. However, using a distortion effect on a hi-hat can be hard since the resulted sound can easily become an unusable noise. Moreover, we need to place an equalizer after using one or more distortion effects, at least most of the time.

The Longest DJ Mix Set Ever

If you have ever been to an EDM event, you maybe know that some disc jockeys have a reputation for endurance. Some epic 10-hour mix sets have etched a few DJ’s names’ in history, but those with the most endurance have gone way longer than 10 hours.