What Is a VJ (Visual Jockey or Video Jockey)?

Many people talk/write about VJs, which can be in combination with electronic dance music (EDM). The abbreviation VJ stands for visual jockey and video jockey, and both terms can mean two different things. Moreover, an EDM VJ might do other things than a not EDM VJ.

The Importance of Lyrics in EDM Songs

When we listen to EDM songs, we might hear some lyrics, and they can play a huge role in these songs, but not always. Also, not all of those songs have lyrics. This post gives information about the importance of lyrics in EDM songs.

Electro House (Characteristics, History, and Subgenres)

There are many electronic dance music genres, and one of them is electro house. The electro house genre has some characteristics, an history, and some subgenres. This post provides these three things in an overview by which we can understand the genre better.

Is a DJ a Musician?

Some people think that disk jockeys (DJs) are musicians, and some think they are not musicians. However, it is possible to find out that DJs are musicians.

The Deep House EDM Genre

Many people talk and write about deep house music, but they don’t always communicate about the same thing. A reason for such miscommunication is that some have misunderstandings about the deep house genre. This post gives an overview of the deep house genre, by which hopefully people can understand the genre better.

The First Trance Music Song Ever

Every electronic dance music (EDM) genre started once with the first track (song) in that genre and is also the case for the Trance music genre. We can learn more about the Trance genre by knowing about this genre’s first song.